On March 11th, 2011, the unprecedented great earthquake and tsunami struck the east Japan. It has resulted in huge destruction in the Tohoku region. To alleviate  sorrow of victims and misery of people who have been forced reside in shelters, the Japanese and the other people all over the world have offered relief supplies and various kinds of supports. All people wish and pray for recovery and fukko revival as soon as possible.

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However, even now in the international support of Asia and Africa, “aid dependency” though assistance-pickled and accustomed assistance has been a matter of recipients and supporters. It is concerned in Japan after the Great East Japan Earthquake. To be able to hand children spiritually rich fukko-societies, “fukko of mind” of victims is vital. And the process “of the victims, by the victims, for the victims” is crucial. NPO “Fukko Expo” is the organization to support the fukko of the victims in the power of culture.
Its first project was “Tohoku Fukko Expo”.

ユネスコ本pomconcert01.jpg部世界遺産トーチランコンサート特別キャンペーン「Peace of mind」を主宰するユネスコ平和芸術家の城之内ミサさんが賛同しました。被災者のアイデンティティーの復興のため、子どもたちの未来のため、ユネスコの精神を伝えていくため、2021年7月7~9日、東京の汐留シオサイトで物産展「東北復興博@東京 for 2021」を開催しました。
UNESCO peace artist Missa Johnouchi, who has presided UNESCO Headquarters World Heritage Torch Run Concert special campaign “Peace of mind”, agreed to the aim of Tohoku Fukko Expo. For fukko of victims, for the future of children, for spreading the spirit of the UNESCO, she collaborated with us to organize the fair “Tohoku Fukko Expo” during July 7th~9th,2011 in Tokyo Shiodome-Shiosaito.
This is kyuribiz01.jpgpositioned as the Earthquake Memorial event by Japan’s first United Nations agency, it has attracted a huge amount of interest. It drew 100,000 visitors within a span of three days.
NPO Fukko Expo will lay more emphasis on festivals, performings, art, food, travel, fashion and specialties to support fukko of victims. We suggest a style of such horizontal and sustainable aids. And we will keep takamarukun01.jpgon practicing.